Change the domain name associated with your RightBar campaign

If you would like to change the domain name associated with your RightBar account, you can edit the RightMessage tracking snippet and change the URL.

Click on the cog icon in the top right of the RightMessage admin bar and click 'View Snippet'

In the tracking script pop up message, hover over the URL and click on the URL to edit.

Edit the URL to reflect the correct URL and click the yellow ‘Save’ button.

RightMessage will attempt to check the corrected URL for the tracking snippet. If the snippet is detected, RightMessage will display a ‘Snippet Detected’ message.

Once you have changed the URL in the tracking snippet, make sure to paste the tracking snippet into the header area of the new URL.

Change the name of your RightBar account

Changing the URL associated with the RightMessage tracking snippet will not adjust the name that appears in the RightMessage admin bar.

To change the name of your account, hover over the cog icon in the RightMessage admin bar and select 'User Settings'.

Click the 'Accounts' tab.

In the 'Current Accounts' tab, click the blue cog button.

In the settings for the account, click the 'Account Profile' tab.

Add the new name for the account in the field provided and click the blue 'Update' button.

Click on the 'Dashboard' tab or refresh the page. The name will reflect the new change once the dashboard is loaded or the page is refreshed.

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