A tour of the campaign editor

The personalization area in RightMessage is used to make adjustments to various elements on your website The personalizations you create will show to your website visitors based on the segments and conditions you define in the campaigns you create.

Below are just some of the basic changes that can be made easily and quickly when personalizing the website of a campaign.

  • Changing the text in a text element (heading, paragraph, list items)
  • Find and replace words and/or phrases
  • Change the text and URL destination of a link, CTA or menu item
  • Replacing a background or content image
  • Show or hide elements

In this article, we will take a tour of the main components in the campaign editing area. In subsequent articles we will show you how to use the different personalization features and make specific changes for your campaign.

How to navigate to the campaign personalization area

To begin making personalizations, click ''Personalize' --> 'Campaigns'.

Click ‘Edit This Campaign’ in the main dashboard of RightMessage.

The campaign personalization area will load the campaign editing screen, consisting of the campaign admin bar, the URL bar and navigation mode, and finally the website preview pane.

Currently campaigns do not interact with each other to show personalizations added in other campaigns.

Campaign admin toolbar

Across the top of the campaign editing area is a blue stripe called the ‘Admin Toolbar’.

The admin toolbar will help you quickly navigate to common actions you will make whilst personalizing your website, such as editing the campaign editing area, adjusting the campaign settings, switch between the segments and personalizations in your campaign, change to a different website account, access help and publish any changes you make to the campaign.

Learn more about the different areas of the campaign admin toolbar

URL bar

Under the campaign admin toolbar is the URL bar.

The URL bar displays the home page of the website you are personalizing. You can reload the website to refresh any changes in the preview pane and manually paste in a URL for the website, such as a page or post URL.

You can also use the ‘Navigate Mode’ to toggle between the personalization tool and the ability to navigate using the menu, buttons, links or other clickable elements on the website.

Learn more on how to use the RightMessage navigation mode or manually load a URL on your website.

Website preview pane

The main area of the campaign editing area is a ‘preview’ of the website being personalized.

The preview pane displays the page of the URL in the URL bar. The preview pane is where you can select different elements on the page to personalize.

Learn more on how to start personalizing website elements.

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