The campaign admin toolbar

Across the top of the campaign editing area is a blue stripe called the ‘Admin Toolbar’.

The admin toolbar will help you quickly navigate to common actions you will make whilst personalizing your website, such as editing the campaign editing area, adjusting the campaign settings, switch between the segments and personalizations in your campaign, change to a different website account, access help and publish any changes you make to the campaign.

RightMessage icon

The RightMessage icon makes it easy to exit the campaign editing area once you have finished personalizing your campaign.

Click on the RightMessage icon to return to your main campaign dashboard.


The ‘Campaign’ section displays the name of the campaign, the status of the campaign and a settings icon to edit the campaign details.

A green dot beside the campaign name indicates the campaign is currently active, and a grey dot indicates the campaign is paused.

Learn how to pause and activate campaigns

Click the cog or gear icon beside the campaign name to view the settings of the campaign

  1. Activate/Inactive:  Use the toggle to set the campaign to either active or inactive.

  2. Name Your Campaign: Edit the existing name or add a new name in the field provided.

  3. Which Segments Are You Personalizing For: If you have no personalizations set up, you can adjust what Segment Group is assigned to the campaign.

  4. What’s The Goal Of This Campaign: Assign one or more goals to your campaign.

  5. Delete Campaign: Delete the campaign

  6. Save: Save any of the settings adjusted.


The ‘Segment’ section displays the name of the segment group associated with the campaign, and a toggle to change between the segments within the segment group, edit the segments or add a new segment to the segment group.

Click the toggle beside the segment group name to view the individual segments.


The ‘Personalization’ section displays the number of personalizations for the page you are viewing, and a toggle to switch between personalizations on the current page, any personalizations not set up, and personalizations available on other pages.

Click the toggle beside ‘Personalizations’ to view the individual personalizations.

  1. Active and configured Personalization.

  2. Personalization not yet configured.

  3. Personalization active on another page of the website.

Account toggle

The account toggle allows you to change between websites you have set up on your RightMessage account. Selecting a new website will redirect you to the main dashboard for that account.

You can easily add new website accounts from the account toggle.

Click the toggle beside the account name to view the account options.

  1. Select a new website in your RightMessage account

  2. Click to add a new website to your RightMessage account.


You can quickly get help when you need via the Customization Admin Bar. Just click on the ‘Need Help’ icon to get access to all of the RightMessage help resources.

  • Go To The Learning Center - This will take you to the learning center where you can view articles, webinars and videos that focus on how to use the features within RightMessage

  • Join The Community - This will redirect you to the RightMessage Facebook community where you can engage with the RightMessage team and other users.

  • Submit A Support Ticket - This will display a form which you can complete and submit to the RightMessage Customer Success Team.

RightMessage publish button

When you make any changes to your site - such as creating a campaign, adding a new personalization, creating a new segment goal etc, the ‘Publish’ button will change from grey to colored. When you see a colored publish button, you have made changes that need to be saved. 

Just click ‘Publish’ to save and sync the changes you have made to your account and the website you are adjusting.

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