Targeting different segments in your campaigns

The personalization area in RightMessage can be used to personalize a website for different segments within a segment group associated with a campaign.

Switching between different segments in the campaign editing area.

To change the segment for creating, editing or deleting personalizations in the website preview pane, click the toggle arrow beside the selected segment name.

Select the segment name you want to switch to.

The website preview pane will load any existing personalizations for that segment.

Tip: For view personalizations that have been added to other content on the website, use ‘navigate mode’ or paste in the URL into the URL bar.

Add a new personalization for the selected segment

To start personalizing an element for a selected segment, hover over the website and use the pink outline feature to locate the element you want to personalize.

Click on the highlighted element you want to personalize. A box will show under the element with an option to personalize the element or cancel the selection.

Click the option to ‘Start Personalizing This …’

The personalization editing tool will display on the screen containing the options available for personalizing the element.

Learn more on using the personalization editing tool to make custom changes  here.

Select an existing personalization for the selected segment.

RightMessage lists all existing personalizations for a specific page in a campaign, regardless of the segment it’s assigned to. You can choose any existing personalizations and adjustment the element for the currently selected segment.

For example, a call to action button on the homepage of a website can be adjusted with have different text and destination URL’s on a segment-by-segment basis.

To view the existing personalizations, click the toggle arrow under the ‘Personalizations’ section in the blue admin bar.  Click on an existing personalization.

The personalization editing tool will display for you to make adjustments for the segment selected.

Identifying different types of personalizations on the same element.

In the personalization editing tool, there are ways to identify if options in the ‘Modify’ settings area have been used on a current personalization, or if a change has been made to a personalization for another segment.

  1. Modify X: The name of the element being personalized.

  2. For: The name of the segment group being personalized

  3. Faded Blue Icon and Text: Indicates the option has been personalized for another segment.

  4. Bright Blue Icon and Text: Indicates the option is personalized for the currently selected segment

  5. White Icon And Text: Indicates the option has not been used in any personalizations.

Publish the personalizations.

To ensure your the personalizations for the selected segment are saved, click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

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