Using navigation mode

When you click to edit a campaign, the home page of the website associated with the campaign is loaded in the personalization editing area.

As well as the home page, the RightMessage personalization tools can be used to make adjustments on multiple pages of your website.

Navigating to other pages on your website

Whether you need to personalize a new landing page or a blog post, you're just a click or two away.

There are two ways you can access pages on your site for adding personalizations.

Using the RightMessage ‘navigate mode’

To navigate using the clickable areas of the website - buttons, menu items or links - RightMessage has ‘navigate mode’ to toggle between making personalizations and navigating your website.

In the right of the campaign personalization area, above the website preview pane, click the ‘Navigate Mode’ bar to toggle the navigate mode on or off.

Toggling navigate mode to ‘On’ will remove the personalization outlines on the website preview pane. You will be able to click links, buttons and menu items to navigate to other areas of the website you are personalizing. 

Once you have navigated to the page you wish to personalize, toggle the ‘Navigate Mode’ bar ‘Off’ to reactivate personalization editing mode.

Manually pasting the URL field

It is also possible to navigate to the page you want to personalize by manually adding the URL of the page to the URL field at the top of the website preview area.

To type in the URL, place your cursor in the URL bar and type in, or paste the URL. Hit return to load the URL.

Once the page loads, you will be able to use the highlight tool to select an area on that page to personalize.

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