Personalizing for URL’s that contain random ValueTrack identifiers

‘URL tracking’ is the process of adding unique identifiers (tagging) to your final URLs so you can successfully track your PPC efforts in Google Analytics as well as gain insight into the overall performance. Tagged URLs enable you to view additional data that help you understand if your website and landing pages are converting effectively or if you need to optimize accordingly.

AdWords URLs can be manually tagged using ‘ValueTrack’ parameters where the parameter is replaced with a value when a user clicks on the advert, and visits the website.

If you’re using ValueTrack parameters that adds a randomly generated value to the final URL, you can personalize the page for the URL by targeting the URL with a ‘wildcard’ match.

Adding a wildCard URL to a campaign

For example, a PPC Adword campaign may have a random tracking value appended to it, such as:


To personalize a page that is targeted with URL tracking, we can target the URL slug of the page and add a wildcard to the end of the URL in the ‘Affected Pages’ tab so that the personalization is applied regardless of the value shown in the URL for tracking purposes.

When you have selected an element to personalize, click on the ‘Affected Pages’ tab in the personalization editing tool.

Place your cursor at the end of the page slug showing in the field provided. Add an asterix (*) at the point where the random value is going to appear.

In the case of the above example, the random value will appear after ‘/12-week-transformation-challenge-’

Publish the campaign to save the changes added to the ‘Affected Pages’ tab.

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