Populating ESP custom field values in personalizations

The personalization area in RightMessage can be used to populate custom field values in your content.

1. Locate content to personalize

To personalize an element to display a custom field value in your campaign, hover over the website and use the pink outline feature to locate the content you want to personalize.

Click on the highlighted area you want to personalize. A box will show under the element with an option to personalize the element or cancel the selection.

Click the option to ‘Start Personalizing...’.

The personalization editing tool will display on the screen containing the options available for personalizing the element.

2. Modify Settings

The ‘Modify’ settings tab in the personalization editing area will provide options to make changes to the text, the visibility of the element and adjust the styling of the text.

3. Add the custom field code

Add the ESP custom field snippet to the 'Text' editing box, making sure to add the name of the custom field to the snippet. 

The code available for each ESP is below:

{{ drip.customFields.custom_field_name }}
{{ convertkit.customFields.custom_field_name }} 
{{ hubspot.customFields.custom_field_name }}
{{ activecampaign.customFields.custom_field_name }}
{{ infusionsoft.customFields.custom_field_name }}
{{ ontraport.customFields.custom_field_name }}

Replace 'custom_field_name' with the name of the custom field you are populating

4. Publish the personalization(s)

To save the changes, click the 'Publish' button.

5. Test personalization as a subscriber

To view the custom field value output, we have instructions on how to view your website as a subscriber here.

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