Why personalize?

Personalization just means tailoring the experience someone has with you. Amazon does it, Facebook does it, every web app on the planet is personalized by showing just the content that's related to your account. 

Few marketing websites or blogs personalize and it's probably because most people think of these things as static. (Reading a blog or feature's overview page doesn't usually log you in, so you can't always accurately capture data on that visitor). 

However, if we know who's looking at our website, there's a good chance we know something about them. And every time someone opts-in to something on your site or clicks a link in an email of yours, an authentication event is happening (i.e. we can add a tag to that subscriber in your database). 

So if I subscribe to your mailing list with my email for example, and I get an email from you, and I click a link in that email ... the website receiving that click should know that I'm currently looking at the website. 

And if it knows who I am and has information about: 

  • What lead magnets I've downloaded
  • What products/services I've purchased
  • What content I've consumed

... and so on. 

Then you can start to create the best digital experience possible for different segments of visitors and, ideally, for each individual visitor. 

RightMessage is going to allow you to do interesting things - like customize the call-to-actions on your website, swap in testimonials from people similar to the person viewing, tailor sales pages to match the language of the buyer persona viewing the page, etc. 

These things, done right, can massively increase the results you're getting on your website. 

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