Getting started with personalization (in any industry)

Before you launch a personalization campaign, it’s important to determine your goals and metrics (just as you would any other marketing campaign).

Here are some common personalization goals that you might engage in regardless of whatever industry you’re in …

  • Increase sales (for your product or service)
  • Increase first-time visitor sales
  • Encourage up-sells and cross-sells (for your product or service)
  • Encourage repeat purchases (consumers state that they’re more likely to engage in repeat purchases and “spend more money” when their buying experience is personalized to them)
  • Create a better (stickier) on-boarding experience for new customers
  • Increase your lead conversion rate (webinar opt-ins, ebook downloads, new blog subscribers)

Here are some ways you can start personalizing your website …

  • Search results. What products or services should be prioritized to a visitor given the visitor data that you’ve collected and the search query?
  • Recommendations or testimonials. You can personalize the headlines and testimonials on your website to referral traffic being sent by affiliates.
  • Exit pop-ups, scrolling pop-ups, and opt-in forms. You should be hiding opt-ins for existing subscribers.

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