Segment Conditions: Referred by domain or URL

If a visitor to your website is not yet a subscriber or customer, RightMessage has other ways to detect how they were referred to your site.

For example:

  1. A visitor to your website has come from a website that is linking to you-
  2. A visitor to your website may have been sent from a specific forum thread or article -

Select a referred by option

Use the drop down provided to select an option for the website referral.

  • The visitor was referred by a specific domain name
  • The visitor was referred by a matching URL.


Use the field provided to add the URL of the domain name the visitor has been referred from


Use the dropdown to select a keyword that will test the ‘truth’ of the URL and whether it is true or false.

  1. Equals: The URL equals a specific value -
  2. Doesn’t Equal: The URL does not equal a specific value
  3. Contains: The URL contains a specific value: /blog/
  4. Wildcard Match: The URL has a value that matches zero or more non-space characters, or an exact character. **

Adding Google referrals to your segment

Unfortunately segmenting traffic that comes to your website via Google is not as straight forward as adding the Google domain name to the 'Domain' referral condition. 

Whilst some traffic may come from, other traffic could be referred by the various domain names that Google has, such as,,, etc.

To segment traffic that is referred by Google, use the 'Referred by URL' condition and add a wildcard match of *.google.*

A Note Regarding Links That Open In A New Tab

A common way for websites to add links to external websites is to add target="_blank" to the link. This will open the website being linked to in a new window or browser tab.

Websites will do this so visitors are not directed away from the website they are currently on.

When opening links into a new tab, the link can be treated as direct traffic instead of referral traffic.

Due to browser security, referrer data is not passed to the new tab/window when target="_blank" is being used. Opening links in a new tab has the potential for 'phishing' code to be injected.

This means RightMessage, and other referral tracking services such as Google Analytics, Optimizely etc, won't able to detect referrer information from links that are using the target="_blank".

For referral links where target="_blank" has been used, we recommend adding a custom query to the end of the URL being linked to and use the 'Custom Query' condition in your segment.

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