How to sync segments to ESPs

RightMessage offers a two-way sync with your email marketing app:

1) When you learn something about a visitor (either because they answered a question, or they were auto-segmented) RightMessage can send that information straight to a custom field on the visitor's record in your email marketing app…

2) …and when a subscriber comes back to your site, if they already have that custom field set, RightMessage will use it to segment them automatically.

If the visitor to your site isn't already a subscriber, RightMessage won't sync their details anywhere (as there won't be a subscriber record in your email marketing app to sync to!) But if the visitor later opts in, RightMessage will sync everything it learnt before and after opt-in.

Set up syncing

Click on ‘Segments’ in the RightMessage admin bar.

Click on a Segment Group name.

Or create a new Segment Group.

In the segment group editing area, click on the 'Sync with...' tab.

Select the custom field in your ESP that you wish to sync the segment with.

Make sure you've created the custom field in your email marketing app first, to make it appear in the dropdown in RightMessage.

If you're using Drip, make sure the custom field is set to 'Public'.

Fill in the custom field values from your email marketing app that correspond to each of your segments in RightMessage.

Publish your changes

When you're happy, remember to click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen to publish your changes.

If the custom field condition is deleted from the condition, or the segment is deleted, the custom field will no longer sync.

The custom field will not be removed from the subscriber's profile as a result of deleting a custom field condition.

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