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Now's when things get fun... ๐Ÿค—

Hey! This is Brennan, one of the founders of RightMessage.


Before you go wild with the product, I wanted to give you an idea of how everything's setup.

You can access this Welcome Guide at anytime. Just click the question mark icon at the bottom right of the page.

Segments: The ๐Ÿ’“of RightMessage

At the heart of RightMessage is a powerful segmentation engine.

Just a few seconds ago, you actually setup a few segment groups.

A segment group is a logical grouping of segments that someone could belong to. For example, "Favorite Color" might be a segment group that houses the "Green", "Red", and "Blue" segments.

Makes sense, right?

But if you want to make everrrryttthinngggg red on your website for those in the "Red" group, they need some way of belonging into the "Red" group.

There are two primary ways in RightMessage to attach people to segments:

We'll look at how people are acquired or behave on your website... what site sent them ("")? The page they landed on from Google ("/colors/red")? You can define any number of rules that match someone to your segments from within our segment editor.

Email marketing app / CRM synchronization:
Do you have a "favorite_color" field in your email marketing app, and is it "red" for this person? Great! We'll put them in the "Red" segment.

If we can't infer that they love red automatically, we can ask them. If we already know who they are, 

Why not go and try setting up some segment groups now?

In fact, you probably already have a few loaded into your account... ๐Ÿ˜€Go check it out, and then come back to this guide (by clicking the Intercom widget at the bottom right of your browser)

Personalization Campaigns: Easily change anything on your website

We want to show our red-loving visitors how much we appreciate their affinity for red, right?

It's time to create a new campaign.

Associate your new campaign with your Favorite Color segment group. This will make it super easy to quickly move through all your color segments and add personalizations for each.

Now your site will load in our editor. Choose the segment you want to personalize for first. (#teamred, duh!)

Now just click on what you want to change, and change it. You can change headlines, navigation items, images, calls-to-action,  anything.

Let's properly greet #teamred.

Hey! Look at that. We just personalized some content for anyone who behaviorally matched our Red segment OR has data in your email marketing app showing that they love red OR has answered "What is your favorite color?" by clicking "Red"

How easy was that?

This should give you enough to start with.

Want to geek out, or need some help getting RightMessage up and running on your website?

You're going to want to check out our masterfully crafted Quick Start Guide

And drop me a note on Twitter or email me personally ( once you have your first personalizations up. I'd love to see what you're doing with RightMessage!

-Brennan Dunn
Co-Founder, RightMessage

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