How do I use RightMessage if my ESP/CRM is not currently supported?

RightMessage has been designed to work alongside specific ESP's/CRM's to intelligently communicate relevant messages based on where someone is in your customer lifecycle. 

RightMessage is currently integrated with six popular CRM/ESP services, and integrations with other third-party services scheduled in future updates to the platform.  

If you currently use a service we don't yet support, RightMessage is still able to be used for effective website personalization, without any connection to outside tools. 

Below are four alternative options you can use to personalize your website for visitors/subscribers, that are not dependent on using data stored in an ESP/CRM.

  • Referral sources - personalize your website based on specific websites or URL's your visitors/subscribers may have recently visited.
  • Landing pages - target subscribers when visitors/subscribers view specific pages on your website.
  • UTM parameters - add UTM parameters to outbound links in emails, content and social media posts to trigger personalizations.
  • Query parameters - alternatively, use custom parameters in outbound links to trigger personalizations. 

1. Targeting subscribers that have been referred by a specific Domain or URL.

If you are doing a lot of guest posting, or advertising on related websites, you can use ‘Referred By’ conditions to display personalized messages and call-to-actions based on visitors coming from a specific domain or URL.

For example, you can personalize based on:

  1. Any visitor that came to your website from a website linking to you - i.e.

  2. A visitor to your website who was directed from a specific forum thread, blog comment, article or external landing page - i.e.

2. Targeting subscribers by the pages they view on your website - path or landing page.

You may include links in your emails, content or social media posts that send visitors/subscribers to specific content on your website - such as a landing page or recently published content. 

The ‘Pages Viewed’ conditions can be used to target visitors/subscribers who view specific URL's.

For example, you can personalize your website based on:

  1. If a subscriber clicks an email link to a blog post, RightMessage can be used to promote content upgrades or sales promotions relevant to the article content.

  2. If a subscriber visits a product or pricing page, RightMessage can be used to display introductory offers or discounts to nudge them into a buying decision.

3. Adding UTM parameters to links in content, email broadcasts or social media posts.

If you include links to sales promotions in your content, emails, or social media promotions, consider adding UTM parameters to embedded links and personalize your website for visitors clicking the links.

The bonus of using UTM parameters is you can also track how your links have performed via Google Analytics.

4. Adding custom query parameters to links embedded in content, email broadcasts or social media posts.

A second alternative for embedded links in emails, website content or social media posts, is to use custom query parameters that enable you to personalize your website content and calls-to-action. 

This alternative can be used when adding UTM's to links is not available.

For example, you may want to offer an upsell or upgrade message on the checkout page for a specific product id, or a show a custom thank you message after the checkout process is successful.

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