Setting up your RightMessage account for the first time

Now that you have created your RightMessage account, you will be taken through a series of screens to help you get RightMessage set up on your website quickly.

The screens will take you through the below steps:

  1. Select your business type.
  2. Add and configure question(s) to ask your audience.
  3. Order the question sequence.
  4. Configure the appearance and behavior of the question widget.
  5. Connect RightMessage to an Email Service Provider (ESP).
  6. Install the RightMessage tracking script on your website.
  7. Publishing the question widget to your website
  8. What to do next?

If you just want to take a look around RightMessage and see what's inside, you can skip any or all of the steps in the set up process and configure your account when you are ready.

Setting your business type

Select a business type that best fits your business.

The type you select will help RightMessage configure some default settings in your RightMessage account - such as the suggested funnels for the RightBar tool.

You can change any of these settings once you have completed the welcome set up.

Click the green 'Continue' button to move onto the next step

Adding question(s) to ask your audience

Add one or more questions to ask your website visitors. Select from the suggested questions, or create one of your own.

You can edit any suggested questions and answers you select in the next step.

Once you have added the questions you want to ask, click the green 'Continue' button.

Configuring the question and answers

Once one or more questions have been selected, you can edit the question text and edit, add or delete the answers your visitors chose from.

Change the question text

To change the question, click on the question in the preview panel.

Edit the existing question or add a new one in the field provided.

Click the yellow ‘save’ button to save the question text.

Edit, add or delete the available answers

To change the answer text, click on the answer in the preview panel.

Edit the existing text or add a new answer in the field provided.

Click the yellow ‘save’ button to save the answer.

Use the blank fields under the existing answer to add new answers for the question.

Click the yellow '+Add' to add multiple answers

Tip: once you have added the answer text to the blank field, click enter to automatically create a new answer.

Change the order of the answers

To change the order of the answers, click and hold on an answer with your mouse and drag it to the right position.

Ordering the question sequence.

If you are asking multiple questions you can change the order in which the questions are shown.

Click on the hamburger icon above the widget preview.

A popup box will display the questions you have selected.

Click and hold on the question with your mouse and drag it to the right position.

Click the 'X' icon to close the box.

Configure the appearance and behavior of the question widget.

You can make changes to the design of the question widget, where and when the widget displays and the messages that show when the visitor answers the question and if they want to know why you are asking them.

In the question widget preview pane, click the 'cog' icon.

A pop up box will display the options currently available for the question widget. Scroll in the box to view all available options.

Adjust the answer button colors

Use the color pickers to change the background color of the question button background color, as well as the button text.

Click on each of the color codes to display a color picker box.

  1. Click in the color pick area to select a variation of the current color.
  2. Use the color bar to select a color, or add a color code value to the fields available - add either a Hex or RGB value.
  3. Select a predefined color.
  4. Click the droplet icon to select a color from the website in the preview pane.
  5. Click on the color code again to close it.

Position where the question widget will display.

By default the question widget will be shown at the bottom right of your website page(s).

To move the question so it appears on the bottom left of your website, click the dropdown beside 'Position'.

When to display the question widget.

By default the question widget will show once the visitor has scrolled down 30% on the page.

To change when the question widget displays, use the drop down beside the 'Trigger' option to change the display after a certain time, or when the visitor has scrolled to a specific point on the page.

Display the question widget on different devices

Currently the question widget will display on desktop devices only.

Options to show the question on tablet and mobile devices will be available soon.

How often to show each question.

If you have multiple questions to ask your visitors, use the 'Answer Behaviour' settings to determine when the next question will show to your visitor.

  1. Right Away - will show the next question immediately
  2. Wait until the next pageview - will show the next question when the visitor navigates to another page the website.
  3. Wait until the next browsing session - will show the next question when the visitor comes back to your website in a new browsing session.

Change the 'Thank You' message.

Change the 'Explanation' message.

In the question widget, you will see some linked text asking 'Why are we asking this?'. Clicking on this link will show a message.

To change this message for your audience, use the 'Explanation message' box to add your own message.

Add or remove the RightMessage branding 

By default branding will be added to the question widget.

To remove the branding, click the toggle.

Select where the question widget will display on your website

By default the question widget will display on all pages of your website.

Visibility options are available to allow you to either show or hide the question widget on specific pages.

To adjust the pages where the question widget will appear, click the toggle buttons.

Once you have configured all the settings, close the pop up box by clicking the 'X' icon.

Click the green 'Continue' button to move to the next step.

Connect RightMessage to an Email Service Provider (ESP)

If you are on the Enrich or Personalize plan, you will have the ability to sync the answers for each question to your ESP.

You can also add conditions to your questions if you want to show the questions to only anonymous, subscribers in general or subscribers with specific tags and/or custom fields.

In this step you can select one of the available email marketing service providers to use for the sync.

We have guides on how to set up each of the available services in RightMessage here.

Generally, you will be prompted to add API details from your ESP provider.

Or prompted to log into your ESP account to establish the connection.

Once you have successfully connected your ESP, click the green 'Continue' button.

If you change your mind, click the 'Disconnect' link to remove the connection and select a different ESP.

RightMessage has settings for you to connect and disconnect the ESP at a later stage if you are not ready to set up the ESP right now.

Install the RightMessage tracking script on your website.

To connect RightMessage with your website, you will need to install the RightMessage tracking snippet into the header area of your website.

All you need to do is click 'I'll install it myself' to copy and paste the tracking snippet into your website’s template page so it appears before the closing </head> tag on every page of your website.

We've created individual guides for how to install the RightMessage tracking script into various different websites.

Click on “Copy snippet to clipboard” to copy the tracking script.

Once you have installed the tracking script, click the grey 'Check Now' button to prompt RightMessage to check if the script is being detected.

If there are any issues where RightMessage is unable to detect the tracking snippet, a message will show above the green 'Start Using RightMessage' button to let you know.

If you continue to have issues, please contact the support team. Click the '?' icon at the bottom of the screen and send us a message. We'll be happy to help you.

If there are no issues with RightMessage detecting the tracking script, you will see a message to let you know it's been successful.

Click the green 'Start using RightMessage' button to finish the onboarding processes. 

You will be taken to the RightMessage dashboard and you are done!

Publishing the question widget to your website

To display the question widget on your website, you will need to publish RightMessage on your website.

Each time you make any changes within RightMessage, a button in the top right of the screen will change from grey to colored. Click the 'Publish' button to push the changes to your website (the tracking script installed on your website will take care of the rest!).

Once you have clicked 'Publish' for the first time, the main dashboard will change to show the results data for your questions.

The data will refresh every five minutes so you can keep track of how your visitors are answering the questions.

What to do next?

Congratulations! You have setup and activated the RightMessage question widget on your website.

Now that you have the basics done, you can start diving into the other RightMessage tools available (depending on your plan).

In the top admin bar, a blue circle will display how many steps you have completed. Click on the circle to review what you have completed and what are your next steps.

We have guides for the remaining steps in the checklist:

  • Sync your segment group
  • Create your RightBar
  • Personalize your first content