Syncing the question widget answers to your ESP

Once you have set up the basics in your RightMessage account, the next step is to sync the answers from the question widget to your email marketing service (ESP).

RightMessage offers a two-way sync:

  • When a visitor answers a question in the survey widget, RightMessage can send that information straight to a custom field on the visitor's subscriber record.
  • In addition, when an existing subscriber comes back to your website, and they already have a specific custom field set in their subscriber profile, RightMessage will update the value assigned to the custom field.

To set up the ESP sync, navigate to the 'Segment' are of the RightMessage dashboard

Click on the segment name of the answers you want to sync.

In the segment group editing area, click on the 'Sync with...' tab.

Select the custom field in your ESP that you wish to sync the segment with.

The tab will populate the different answers for the question.

Fill in the custom field values from your email marketing app that correspond to each of your segments in RightMessage.

When you're happy, click the ‘Publish’ button in the top right corner of the screen to publish your changes.

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