Why can't I sync my segments to ConvertKit

You may come across an issue where you are not able to select any options in the 'Sync with ConvertKit' tab.

This issue is likely happening if you do not have any custom fields created in your ConvertKit account.

In order to sync the answers with ConvertKit, you will need to create the custom field(s) in ConvertKit. This is done by adding the custom field to an already existing subscriber in your ConvertKit account.

Creating a custom field in ConvertKit

Log into your ConvertKit account.

In the main ConvertKit dashboard, click on a subscriber. 

You can click on any subscriber in your list. Once you have added a custom field to one subscriber, the custom field will be added to all subscribers.

In the subscriber profile, click 'Add a new field'.

Add a name and value to the fields provided. 

Note: for the purposes of creating the custom field, the value can be generic. The value will eventually be updated with the value you assign to your RightMessage question(s).

Click '+Add a new field' to add multiple custom fields.

Click 'Update Subscriber' when you are done.

The page will refresh and the custom field(s) will be visible in your subscriber profiles. 

Unless you add a value to the custom field for each subscriber in your list, the value will be blank until one is added or synced via RightMessage.

Syncing RightMessage with the ConvertKit custom field

Go back to the 'Segment' area in RightMessage and refresh the question you are syncing to ConvertKit.

You should now see the custom field appear in the 'Sync with ConvertKit' drop down.

Once you have selected the drop down, the custom field tab will populate with the answers for the question you are asking.

Assign a value to each answer that will sync to the subscriber profile in ConvertKit.

When you are done, click 'Publish' to save the changes.

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