Creating your first personalized CTA

Welcome to RightMessage!

We've done our best to make our interface simple to use. After all, learning how to use new software is never any fun! But the magic of personalized CTAs is still new to a lot of people—so here's a quick checklist to set you up for success.

There are just 3 steps you need to follow:

  1. Build your CTA funnel of questions to ask and/or offers to pitch. "What's this workflow builder thingy I'm looking at?"
  2. Set up widgets over on the right: these are the sticky bars, inlines, etc where the CTA funnel will show up on your site.
  3. When both of those are ready, hit "Publish to site"! (more about publishing here)

That's it! Once that's done you'll start seeing answers and conversions popping into the Dashboard screen.

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