Better Understanding Your Visitors

At the heart of RightMessage are segment groups, each of which contains its own set of individual segments.

A "Customer Lifecycle" segment group might have "Anonymous", "Subscriber", "Customer", and "VIP Customer" as options.

An "Industry" segment group might have "Retail", "Finance", "Non-Profit", and "Government".

And a "Referrer" segment group might have "Pat Flynn", "John Lee Dumas", and "Marie Forleo".

If you're using our funnel editor to ask questions, you'll be creating segments that your visitor can put themselves into. 

This would create a segment group called "Company Need", with three possible segments (starting, scaling, and selling.) 

Syncing with your ESP

When creating or editing this segment group, you can choose to sync the data we collect to the individual contact record in your ESP for the subscriber who answers this question:

Here we're saying "when we know who this visitor is, if they end up belonging to one of my 'Company Need' segments, then set the 'business_need' custom field". You can choose to set the custom field values for each of these segments however you'd like. 

Once you sync with your email marketing app (or ESP), we'll also use this to automatically put visitors who aren't yet segmented into segments based on the 'tags' or 'custom field' values they already have stored in their individual contact record. 

How to Auto-Segment

Beyond the custom field values you've entered into the "Sync with ESP", you can also use the "Auto-Segment" section to specify additional tags or custom field values you'd like to assign to segment your subscribers. 

The Auto-Segment section provides you with a variety of other options as well: 

For example, you could segment a visitor based on which page they landed on initially. Let's say that you have a blog post which talks specifically about starting a company. If a visitor arrived on this article, you could assume they are most likely interested in "starting a company" based on this behavior. 

Or, you could look at who is referring traffic to you ... If a website which focuses on scaling businesses is sending traffic to you, you could put any visitor coming from that site into your "Scaling my company" segment. 

Are you using ads to drive traffic to your site? With Auto-Segment you could tap into the targeting of your ads using UTM parameters to segment a visitor based on which ad they clicked on.  

You can learn more about all of the conditions available to you in Auto-Segment here:

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