Publishing to your website

Once you've created your first CTA Funnel, the next step is to publish it to your website.

Whenever you go and change anything in RightMessage, whether it be segmentation, website personalizations, CTAs, and so on, we save all your changes to our servers but they aren't automatically published to your site.

This means that within the context of RightMessage, when you see "Save" that doesn't mean it's being "published" and now shown that way on your website.

How publishing works

When you create a new RightMessage account, we create a JavaScript tag that you'll install once on your website. We've created a series of guides that show you how to add our script to all the major content management systems and landing page hosting software.

Each account has a unique tag, so if you have one billing account that has three different sub-accounts under it, each of these sub-accounts will have their own unique tag that you'll need to copy over to their respective websites.

Whenever you click "Publish to site", we create an updated version of your account's unique script. This means that any future visitors to your website will see your latest and greatest from then on out.

Note: your browser might end up caching the old version of the script for a few minutes or even hours. We do our best to make sure you're always loading our latest script, but it's ultimately up to the browser to determine whether it should fetch a URL... or just load whatever's already in its cache.

Need help?

If you need any help with getting your tracking script on your website, please reach out to us. We'd be happy to jump in and see what we can do.

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