Connect Mailchimp to RightMessage

Learn how to connect Mailchimp to your RightMessage account so you can learn more about who your visitors are and what they need most, allowing you to improve opt-ins and personalize your website for subscribers in your email list.

Once you've connected Mailchimp, RightMessage will be able to detect if a visitor to your website is a subscriber to your email list, as well as which Mailchimp audiences (lists) they belong to, groups they're in, and tags or merge fields they have—and get new subscribers into your Mailchimp audience, too.

You can also opt new subscribers in to your Mailchimp audience, and sync RightMessage segments up to Mailchimp groups.

Follow the instructions below to set up your RightMessage account with Mailchimp.


Log into your RightMessage account.

To integrate your RightMessage account with Mailchimp, click on the ‘gear’ icon in the top right of the screen and select ‘Integrations’.

Click on the ‘Mailchimp’ tab in the left area of the screen. 

Click the ‘Connect With Mailchimp’ button.

Allow access to your Mailchimp account

Log into your Mailchimp account

After this, you will be taken back to your RightMessage account. The Mailchimp integration is automatically saved. You're all set!

Deleting access to your Mailchimp account

To delete the Mailchimp integration, click on the ‘Delete Mailchimp’ button. The settings will automatically be cleared for you.

Adding the Mailchimp subscriber ID to campaigns

In order for RightMessage to identify your Mailchimp subscriber and evaluate the lists and tags assigned to their profile, a connection needs to be established between your Subscriber and RightMessage.

Currently, Mailchimp withholds the subscriber data that identifies your subscribers when they click links in your emails.

In order for RightMessage to recognize someone clicking from your email as a subscriber, you will need to activate " E-commerce linking tracking" for each campaign you'd like RightMessage to recognize subscribers from.

Log into your Mailchimp account.

In the top left corner of your dashboard, click ‘Campaigns'.

Click on the campaign you'd like to add the tracking to, scroll to the bottom of the page to find  Settings & Tracking and click on 'edit'. 

Check the box beside ' E-commerce link tracking' and click 'save'.

Note: This process will need to be repeated for each campaign that you'd like RightMessage to recognize subscribers from. 

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