Summary of the RightMessage dashboard

  1. The live stream: an ever-updating stream of actions visitors are taking on your site, like answering questions.
  2. Date picker: choose the timeframe you'd like to see data for. Default is the last week.
  3. Questions answered: how many questions have been answered on your site during the selected time period. Click to see a graph of questions asked and answered. You can drill down to see just one question instead of all questions.
  4. Data points enriched: how many new pieces of segmentation information we've added to your email list subscribers in the time period. For example, if Anne gets segmented as wanting to eat healthily, and that she likes to read recipes online, and Bob gets segmented as wanting to eat healthily, that's 3 data points enriched altogether.
  5. Subscribers enriched: the number of different subscribers who we've been able to add new segmentation data to. In the previous example that would be 2: Anne and Bob.
  6. Offers converted: how many subscribers opted in to one of your offers! Click to filter to specific offers, and to see a graph of the number of times offers were shown to visitors vs how many of them converted.
  7. Conversion rate lift: if you're using our full site personalization platform, this gives an overview of how each of your campaigns is performing, as well as the best & average conversions broken out by segment.
  8. All-time visitor breakdown: an all-time (not date specific) summary of your entire audience and how they're segmented. Full site personalization users can filter these to see how likely each segment is to reach a specific goal.

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