2. Installing the RightMessage tracking snippet

To connect your website with RightMessage, you will need to install the RightMessage tracking snippet into the header area of your website.

You are welcome to add the RightMessage tracking code to indiviual pages of your website, but to personalize your entire website the RightMessage tracking snippet must be added to every page of your site.

The RightMessage tracking snippet must be added to the of your website's HTML, as high up as possible (preferably just after the opening tag).

If you aren’t a technical-minded person, don’t worry! Embedding the RightMessage tracking script is super easy to do.

All you need to do is copy and paste the tracking snippet into your website’s template page so it appears in the <head></head> area on every page of your website, preferably after the opening <head> tag.

We've created individual guides for how to install the RightMessage tracking script into various different websites. Click on a link below to view the guide for your specific website setup.

User Guides: How To Install The RightMessage Script On Your Website

Below are step-by-step instructions to install RightMessage on different types of websites.