3. Integrate RightMessage with your email service provider (ESP)

RightMessage syncs with different Email Service Providers (ESP) so you can personalize your website based on visitors not only being a subscriber, but if they also have a tag or custom field assigned to their subscriber profile.

In order to use your Email Marketing service with RightMessage, you must connect your Email Service Provider (ESP) account with RightMessage.

Navigate to the 'Integrations' area in your RightMessage admin

To integrate RightMessage with an email marketing services, click on the ‘gear’ icon in the top right of the screen and select ‘Integrations’.

From the Integrations page, select the account that you’d like to connect.

If your CRM/ESP service is not currently supported,  read this guide on how to use RightMessage without an ESP/CRM.

User Guides: Integrate RightMessage With Your Email Service Provider