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Does RightMessage work with my website?

RightMessage will work with any website or platform where you have the ability to insert script code before the closing </head> of your website.

You can also add the RightMessage script to your Google Tag Manager account.

If you want to view step-by-step instructions on how to add the RightMessage script to your website, we have a list of websites that work with RightMessage here.

Will RightMessage work for me?

RightMessage is built for online creators - ecommerce, course creators, consultants, Saas products, etc.

If you sell digital or physical products, provide services, sell software, run conferences, offer affiliate products, you market and sell online, then we built RightMessage for you.

Can I try RightMessage before I buy?

You are welcome to schedule a demo with a member of our team. We will walk you through how RightMessage works, and answer any specific questions you might have on how personalization can work for you and your business.

We currently offer a 14 day trial period that you are welcome to take advantage of to see if RightMessage is the right fit for your business.

After your first charge, if you’re not happy with your purchase, simply email us and we’ll refund your payment.

What happens when I outgrow my traffic plan?

Growth happens! When you outgrow the plan that you’re on, you can easily upgrade to the next plan.

Will personalizations slow down my site?

Absolutely not!

We understand that page load time is important for your visitor experience as well as ranking higher in Google or Bing search engine results. We’ve designed RightMessage to implement your personalizations efficiently so it doesn’t impact on the speed of your website.

I don’t have an email list, or any details on people that visit my website. How does personalisation work if I don’t know anything about my visitors in the first place?

There are two "paths" for  segmenting an audience:

1) Explicit: someone's bought something from you, subscribed to your email list or they answered a survey question.

2) Behavioral: they registered for a webinar on a particular topic, they clicked on a Facebook advert, they were sent to your website by another website that targets a certain industry, or they're reading content indicative of them having a specific need.

If you do not have a mailing list, you can look at the behavioral cues of your website visitors and then make changes based on those behaviours.

RightMessage is able to personalize content based on how a visitor came to your website - if the visitor was referred by a domain or URL path, visited a specific page or URL on your website, or they clicked on an advert or link containing UTM parameters.

What is the minimum amount of traffic needed to create value with RightMessage?

RightMessage does not have a minimum traffic requirement in order for you to personalize your website.

Whether your traffic is 1 or 1 million, it’s what you do with that traffic that matters.

If you are just starting out, and only get a handful visitors to your website, tailoring the conversation to the specific needs and interests of your visitors can significantly increase the odds of those visitors signing up to your email list, or purchasing your paid offers.

Is website personalization the same as A/B split testing?

Whilst split testing shows different versions of your website to determine the best result that all traffic will eventually see, personalization is different in that it works to understand who your audience is — their needs, desires, interests, motivations, behaviors — and adapt the entire experience for each individual accordingly.

RightMessage comes with conversion tracking tools for you to assess your personalizations when compared to the non-personalize experience. The data collected can be used to make smart decisions on how the personalized experience can be enhanced for your visitors.

How does RightMessage integrate with WordPress Page Builders (Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Elementor)?

RightMessage will sit on top of your WordPress site and be used in addition to the Page Builder plugin.

Whilst RightMessage is capable of personalizing different elements of your site, it personalizes existing elements that are already on the website, rather than provide tools for you to build the page from scratch.

For these pages, you would build the page using the Page Builder and then personalize the page for different segments using RightMessage.

How does RightMessage works alongside landing page and opt in form services (OptinMonster, Unbounce, LeadPages)?

RightMessage does not come with stand alone tools for adding subscriber and lead aquisition content to your website, such as landing pages or opt in forms.

Instead, RightMessage sits on top of your current setup and allow you to do a better job of displaying the smartest content/message based on your visitor behaviours.

Using the editing tools in RightMessage, you can hide elements, or tailor the headlines, copy, imagery and more to align with who’s viewing the content.

But isn’t this stuff super complicated?

Because the possibilities of personalizing the visitor experience are endless, it is easy to assume you need to have your plan down pat and personalize everything for everyone right now!

Personalizing the visitor experience does not need to be complicated. You don’t need to redesign your website in order to use RightMessage (unless your website really does need one!), or spend your nights and weekends mapping out a complicated workflow for each of your visitor types.

If personalization is a brand new concept for you, we recommend starting small and build from there. Adding small personalizations over time will prevent the overwhelm and give you the satisfaction of making progress.

We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into making sure RightMessage is simple and intuitive to use, so you can get started with personalizations in minutes.

One of the most basic examples you can use RightMessage for, is to personalize your website based on whether a visitor is a subscriber or anonymous. If a visitor to your website is a subscriber, you can use RightMessage to hide your opt in form, replace it with a different call to action or just change your homepage headline so it welcomes them on their return.

If you don’t have an email list, but people come to your website via another website, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Directory, or even Quora, you can use RightMessage to change your landing page headline or change the text on a ‘call to action’ button.

It really is as simple as that! And a few basic changes could be difference to the growth of your business.

With that said, though simple to use, you can dive deeper into the rabbit burrow, drill down on your audience into greater depth and create some highly sophisticated uses.

We have some case studies on how some of our customers use RightMessage if you need some ideas and inspiration.

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