RightMessage doesn’t recognize my tracking snippet.

When getting started with RightMessage, you may come across an issue that prevents you from using RightMessage with your website(s)

To help you troubleshoot problems with your RightMessage account, we've included common issues and possible solutions below.

In order to personalize your site with RightMessage, you must install a ‘tracking snippet’ into the header area of your website.

If you have chosen to add the tracking snippet later, you will still be able to create segments, campaigns and use the campaign editing area, however the additions and changes you make will not be applied to your website until the tracking script is installed.

Is the RightMessage tracking snippet correctly installed on my site?

If the RightMessage tracking script is not correctly installed on your site,  you will see one of the below error screens in RightMessage:

An exclamation mark appears in the RightMessage Admin Bar beside the website account name.

A ‘Snippet Not Detected’ message will display in the tracking script pop up box.

If you are creating campaigns for your website, a message to advise the RightMessage snippet is not detected will also appear in the Campaign editing area.

I’ve installed the tracking script, but RightMessage doesn’t detect it

If you have installed the tracking script to the header area of your site correctly, but the above screens still show an error, we recommend the following:

  • Make sure you are using a HTTPS URL in your RightMessage account

  • After you have added the tracking script, clear any caching plugins or services connected to your website before verifying your site.

  • Check the RightMessage code has been added to your website’s source code.

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