The RightMessage campaign editor won't load my website

When getting started with RightMessage, you may come across an issue where the RightMessage campaign editor is unable to load your website. You may also have a secondary issue where RightMessage does not detect the tracking snippet.

To help you troubleshoot problems with your RightMessage account, we've included common scenarios and possible solutions below.

RightMessage won’t load my website in the campaign editor?

When you create a campaign and are taken to the campaign editing area, you may see the below error message:

Clicking on the troubleshooting link will display a pop up box with the reason why the website is not loading:

If you also open up the tracking script box, the box will display a message that the website is unreachable.

One of the reasons for the campaign editor not loading the website is you may have entered the URL of your website incorrectly when setting up the account for your website.

How to edit the URL associated with your account.

To make sure RightMessage is loading the correct URL in the campaign editing area, you can edit the URL in the tracking snippet pop up with the correct URL.

In the tracking script pop up message, hover over the URL and click on the URL to edit.

Edit the URL to reflect the correct URL and click the yellow ‘Save’ button.

RightMessage will attempt to check the corrected URL for the tracking snippet. If the snippet is detected, RightMessage will display a ‘Snippet Detected’ message.

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