My website is not a HTTPS URL

In order to personalize your campaigns and use the RightMessage campaign editing area, you will need to grant RightMessge specific privileges to be able to personalize your website.

In the RightMessage campaign editing area, you may see the below error screen:

This message will display if your web server or firewall is configured to block being loaded within a frame, iframe or object.

When your site is being shown in compatibility mode, you will not be able to use navigate mode in the campaign editing area to click around the site you are personalizing. If this is the case, type the direct URL into the URL bar.

Resolving compatibility mode

In order to resolve the ‘Compatibility Mode’ message, you will need to make and adjustment to the http, server or site configuration file.

Click on the ‘Click here for more info’ link to reveal the code that needs to be added or adjusted.

Your website is not a HTTPS URL

In order to work with RightMessage, your website must be a HTTPS URL.

If you are transmitting sensitive customer data on your site, such as credit card information, you absolutely need a SSL certificate installed on your site to encrypt sensitive data between your visitors’ browser and your web server.

In 2014 Google confirmed that websites with a strong HTTPS encryption will rank better than their HTTP counterpart and websites that have NOT switched to HTTPS are now marked as unsafe in Google Chrome.

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