Connect RightMessage with Squarespace

RightMessage helps you personalize elements of your website to convert the website traffic on your site into leads, sales, customers, and clients.

To begin using RightMessage you must install a small Javascript tracking snippet into your website’s pages. This activates RightMessage by inserting .js into the page.

Follow the instructions below to connect RightMessage to your Squarespace website.

First, you’ll need to grab your tracking snippet:

Click on “Copy snippet to clipboard” and then log into your Squarespace account.

Installing RightMessage in Squarespace

You can install your RightMessage tracking snippet through the Advanced > Code Injection settings page in your Squarespace dashboard. When you’re finished, click Save and you’re ready to start personalizing your website.

From your dashboard:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Scroll down to Website > Advanced
  3. Then, click on Code Injection (Please Note: You’ll need to Upgrade your Squarespace account in order to unlock this feature)

From here, you’re ready to install your tracking snippet.

  1. Scroll down and “paste” your tracking snippet in the Footer section (this will output the code immediately before the closing </body> tag)
  2. Click on Save at the top of the screen

Now that you’ve installed the tracking snippet, you’re good to go!

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