Connect RightMessage with Thesis 1.8.9

RightMessage helps you personalize elements of your website to convert the website traffic on your site into leads, sales, customers, and clients.

To begin using RightMessage you must install a small Javascript tracking snippet into your website’s pages. This activates RightMessage by inserting .js into the Thesis 'Site Options' admin area.

Follow the instructions below to connect RightMessage to your Thesis WordPress website.

Copy your RightMessage tracking code

Log into your RightMessage account and copy the RightMessage tracking snippet:

Click the 'Copy Snippet To Clipboard' button to copy the code provided.

Add the RightMessage tracking code to the Thesis 1.8.9 'Site Options' admin area

Log into your WordPress website Admin area and navigate to the Thesis 'Site Options' area.

In the 'Document Head' section, click the '+' icon beside 'Additional Scripts'.

Paste your RightMessage tracking code into the field provided.

Click the green 'Big Ass Save' button to save the changes.

And you are done!

How to check the RightMessage code has been added to your Thesis theme

To check that the code has been correctly added to your Thesis Theme, clear your browser cache and any caching plugins or services you may be using with your WordPress website.

Navigate to your website home page.

Right click anywhere on the screen and select 'View Source'.

A new window will open showing the code of your website. You will see the RightMessage code appear toward the top of the page.

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