Connect RightMessage with Webflow

RightMessage helps you personalize elements of your website to convert the website traffic on your site into leads, sales, customers, and clients.

To begin using RightMessage you must install a small Javascript tracking snippet into the Webflow project settings area. This activates RightMessage by inserting .js into the page.

Follow the instructions below to connect RightMessage to your Webflow Website

Copy your RightMessage tracking code

Log into your RightMessage account and copy the RightMessage tracking snippet:

Click the 'Copy To Clipboard' button to copy the code provided.

Add the RightMessage tracking code to your Webflow project settings

Log into your Webflow Admin area and click on the ‘...’ tab for the project you are adding integrating with RightMessage.

Click on the Settings’ option.

Click on the ‘Custom Code’ tab.

Paste the RightMessage tracking script into the box under the ‘Head Code’.

Click the green ‘Save Changes’ button to save the code to your Webflow project.

  1. Click ‘Custom Code’ tab in the project settings

  2. Tracking script will go into the ‘Head Code’ section

  3. Paste the RightMessage tracking code into the box provided

  4. Click to save the changes.

And you are done!

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