Connect RightMessage with Shopify

RightMessage helps you grow your store's email list and increase sales, by showing the perfect calls-to-action and website content to each visitor.

After creating your RightMessage account, connect it to your Shopify store by following these instructions:

First, copy your RightMessage snippet

Click the cog icon in the top-right corner of RightMessage followed by "View Snippet":

Click on "Copy snippet to clipboard", and then log into your Shopify account.

Paste the snippet into your Shopify theme

Log into your Shopify Admin area and click on 'Themes' in the left sidebar

In the 'Current Theme' section, click on the 'Actions' toggle button and select 'Edit Code'.

In the theme editing screen, click the 'theme.liquid' link under the 'Layout' folder.

In the right panel, scroll down the code until you see the </head> HTML tag in the code.

Add a new line above the </head> HTML tag and paste the RightMessage tracking script.

Once the code has been added, click the purple 'Save' button in the top right of the theme code editing area.

  1. The closing </head> HTML tag
  2. Paste the RightMessage code above the closing </head> HTML tag
  3. Click the purple 'Save' button.

Check to detect the RightMessage script

In your RightMessage account, open up the RightMessage script box and click the yellow 'Check Again' button.

RightMessage will check the Shopify store for the tracking code and confirm the script if detected.

And you're good to go!

Note: RightMessage's full-site personalization editor will open in Compatibility Mode if your online store runs on Shopify.

This just means that instead of being able to click around your site to navigate to different pages and personalize them, you'll need to type/paste URLs into the preview URL bar. Occasionally fonts might preview incorrectly in the editor, too. But everything can still be personalized just fine.

Our call-to-action builder isn't affected either - calls-to-action can be created and previewed perfectly.

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