Connect RightMessage with Shopify

RightMessage helps you personalize elements of your website to convert the website traffic on your site into leads, sales, customers, and clients.

To begin using RightMessage you must install a small Javascript tracking snippet into the Shopify theme settings area. This activates RightMessage by inserting .js into the page.

Follow the instructions below to connect RightMessage to your Shopify Website

When you use the RightMessage campaign editing area, you will see the 'Compatibility Mode' message displaying.

By default, Shopify will serve the 'X-Frame-Options: DENY' response header, which prevents the storefront from being rendered within an iFrame. Unfortunately this setting is not able to be disabled or removed from within your Shopify account.

It is still possible to add personalizations to your Shopify store, however if you need to personalize any areas other than your home page, you can manually paste the URL into the URL bar provided. The RightMessage 'Navigate Mode' will be disabled.

Below is an example of the compatibility message displaying in RightMessage, however personalizations can still be added.

Text instructions

First, you’ll need to grab your tracking snippet:

Click on "Copy snippet to clipboard" and then log into your Shopify account.

Installing RightMessage in Shopify

Log into your Shopify Admin area and click on 'Themes' in the left sidebar

In the 'Current Theme' section, click on the 'Actions' toggle button and select 'Edit Code'.

In the theme editing screen, click the 'theme.liquid' link under the 'Layout' folder.

In the right panel, scroll down the code until you see the </head> HTML tag in the code.

Add a new line above the </head> HTML tag and paste the RightMessage tracking script.

Once the code has been added, click the purple 'Save' button in the top right of the theme code editing area.

  1. The closing </head> HTML tag
  2. Paste the RightMessage code above the closing </head> HTML tag
  3. Click the purple 'Save' button.

Check to detect the RightMessage script

In your RightMessage account, open up the RightMessage script box and click the yellow 'Check Again' button.

RightMessage will check the Shopify store for the tracking code and confirm the script if detected.

And you are good to go!