Connect ConvertKit to RightMessage

Learn how to connect ConvertKit to your RightMessage account so you can personalize your website for subscribers in your email list.

Once you've connected ConvertKit, RightMessage will be able to detect if a visitor to your website is a subscriber on your email list, and if they have any tags and/or custom fields associated with their subscriber profile.

You can also sync custom field data from RightMessage to subscriber profiles

You can target elements of your website for subscribers using the below personalizations:

  • Hide email opt-in forms from subscribers and visitors

  • A basic strategy targeting visitors based on where they are in the sales cycle

Follow the steps below to connect your ConvertKit account to your RightMessage account.


Access ConvertKit API credentials within your ConvertKit account

First, log into ConvertKit to begin the process of accessing your API credentials.

Once you have logged into ConvertKit, click on your profile icon and click ‘Account Settings’.

In the ‘Account Info’ tab, locate your API Key and API Secret. To view the API Secret, click the ‘Show’ link.

Add your ConvertKit API credentials to your RightMessage account

Log into your RightMessage account.

Click on the ‘gear’ icon in the top right of the screen and select ‘Integrations’

Click on the  ‘ConvertKit’ tab in the left area of the screen. A box with the ConvertKit API settings will be displayed.

Add the API Key and API Secret from your ConvertKit account  into the fields provided and click the ‘Connect With ConvertKit’ button.

Once the screen refreshes, the details have been saved successfully.

To delete the ConvertKit integration, click on the ‘Delete ConvertKit button. The settings will automatically be cleared for you.

Adding the ConvertKit subscriber ID to email links

In order for RightMessage to identify your ConvertKit subscriber and evaluate the tags and custom fields assigned to their profile, a connection needs to be established between your Subscriber and RightMessage.

Currently ConvertKit withholds the subscriber data that identifies your subscribers when they click links in your emails.

In order for RightMessage to recognize the tags that have been added to a ConvertKit subscribers profile, you will need to turn on the subscriber id setting in your ConvertKit admin area.

Log into your ConvertKit account.

Click on your profile icon in the top right corner, and click ‘Account Settings’.

In the left sidebar, click on the ‘Email’ tab.

In the ‘Advanced’ section, check the box beside “Add subscriber_id parameter in email links.”

Click the blue ‘Save Settings’ button to save the changes.

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