A tour of the RightMessage dashboard

The article below covers what you can expect to see when logging into RightMessage for the first time and how to navigate the different areas.

Logging into RightMessage

To log into RightMessage, navigate to the account login area here

Use the fields provided to enter your username (e-mail address) and password.

If you have forgotten your password, click the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link, or click here

Note: If you get an error message that you could not be logged in, please refresh the login page and try again.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the main dashboard of your RightMessage account.

The main dashboard will display an overview of the campaigns you have created.

Admin toolbar introduction

Across the top of the RightMessage Admin is a white strip called the Admin Toolbar.

You'll find lots of links there to help you quickly navigate to actions you'll take often, like creating and editing segment groups or campaigns, switch between website accounts, managing your account and subscription, accessing Help and publishing any changes you have made.

RightMessage icon

The RightMessage Icon makes it easy to navigate to the Dashboard when the Admin bar is not displayed at the top of the screen.

The admin bar will not display if you're logged in, and doing any of the following:

  • Viewing the campaign personalization area

  • Viewing the goal editing area.

To return to the Dashboard, click the RightMessage icon in the Admin bar to return to your Dashboard.


Your Dashboard is where you'll be redirected to each time you log in to your RightMessage account, or click on the ‘RightMessage' icon when logged in.

From the Dashboard you can see a quick overview of the campaigns you have created and any results for goals that have been set up.

You can easily create new campaigns, and click on any existing campaigns to access the personalization editing area from the Dashboard, too.

  1. Click to create a new personalization campaign

  2. Click to edit an existing campaign.


Segments is where you can see an overview of the segment groups you have created in the left sidebar, the segments within each segment group, and all conditions associated with each segment.

Within the segments area you can create new segment groups, add segments to a segment group and add conditions to segments.

Click on an existing segment group or segment to make changes or additions.

  1. View the existing Segment Group

  2. Create a new Segment Group

  3. Segment order drag and drop
  4. View and edit a segment

  5. View and edit the conditions associated with a segment

  6. Create a new segment


From the Goals area, you will see an overview of the goals you have created for your campaigns.

In the goals area, you can create new goals. Click on any existing goal to access the goal editing area where you can adjust what conversions a goal is tracking.

  1. Click to create a new goal

  2. Click to view and edit an existing goal

Account toggle

The Account Toggle allows you change between websites you have set up on your RightMessage account

You can easily add new website accounts from the Account Toggle.

  1. The current website being edited.

  2. Switch to another website within your RightMessage account

  3. Add a new website to your RightMessage account.


The Settings icon is where you will access the admin based Settings for your website, including:

  • Upgrade your plan

  • Integrate with the different Email Marketing Services

  • Update your profile and reset your password

  • Add new websites to your account

  • Add members to a website account

  • View your tracking snippet

  • Change your payment method

  • Log out of RightMessage


You can quickly get help whenever you need via the RightMessage Admin. Just click on the ‘Need Help’ icon to get access to all of our help resources.

  • Go To The Learning Center - This will take you to the learning center where you can view articles, webinars and videos that focus on how to use the features within RightMessage

  • Join The Community - This will redirect you to the RightMessage Facebook community where you can engage with the RightMessage team and other users.

  • Submit A Support Ticket - This will display a form which you can complete and submit to the RightMessage Customer Success Team.

RightMessage publish button

When you make any changes to your site - such as creating a campaign, adding a new personalization, creating a new segment goal etc, the ‘Publish’ button will change from grey to colored. When you see a colored publish button, you have made changes that need to be saved.

Just click ‘Publish’ to save and sync the changes you have made to your account and the website you are adjusting.

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