Webinar Replay: Getting started with RightMessage

Getting started with RightMessage is easy, you just follow a few simple steps to get your first personalized campaign up-and-running: 

  1. Install your tracking snippet
  2. Create a new account (or a new profile for tracking on a second website)
  3. Integrate RightMessage with your email service provider (ESP)
  4. Setup your segments
  5. And launch your first personalized campaign

In this week's video webinar, we walk you through all of these steps in detail to give you an overview of how the product works. 

Let's take a look ... 

While personalizing different elements of your website is easy to do, you want to put some thought into the outcome you're trying to achieve, first. Ask yourself: 

  • What are my business goals? 
  • Who's my target/ideal customer? And what does he/she care about? 
  • What action(s) do you want them to take on your website? Become a subscriber? Become a customer? 

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