Webinar Replay: Essential elements for running your first personalization campaign

Running your first personalization campaign can seem overwhelming at first, but it's actually quite simple. In this week's workshop we cover the two questions you need to ask yourself before running your first web personalization campaign. 


In other words, who are we personalization this for? What do you already know about your site visitors, subscribers, and customers? 


What are you going to personalize to make the user experience more unique to them? Think about how you can best describe the benefit of the product to the person (or persona) that's viewing the page - in a way that's going to make them really care about it, or think, "Wow, this is EXACTLY what I need!"

We also walk you through one of our recent customer case studies - Tom Morkes, $100k Launch School - and how he was able to increase conversions by 45.5% for his online summit. 

Let's jump in ...

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