Webinar Replay: How to increase outreach performance by 20 - 40%

You''re probably used to being on the receiving end of cold emails/calls. They're usually pretty terrible. 

But, by personalizing both the outreach emails and the website that you send these prospects to, you can make yourself more relevant to the people you're emailing - and not come off as some clueless salesperson sending a says-the-same-thing-to-everyone mass email. 

We've partnered up with the cold emailing experts at LeadFuze to present a complete guide to cold emailing at scale. Join us as we cover: 

  • How to enrich prospects with metadata like the industry they work in, company size, etc.
  • How to setup smart outreach sequences that are personalized based on that metadata (so the recipient thinks you're speaking directly to them)
  • How to get prospects who do their due-diligence and visit your extended business card (your website) an experience that speaks directly to their business and their needs.
  • And how to track how effectively your cold outreach campaigns are performing.

Companies who are personalizing the end-to-end experience of cold outreach campaigns are seeing 20 - 40% increase in campaign performance.

Let's get started!

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