Tracking the performance of RightBar

Once RightBar has been activated and published, a dashboard tab will be added to the RightBar area.

The performance goals in RightBar allows you to use the data to make smart decisions about your RightBar personalizations. Tracking and optimizing your RightBar personalizations can increase your traffic, conversions, and profits.

The performance widget will monitor when a visitor on your site clicks on the CTA button, provided the visitor meets the conditions specified in your RightBar segment groups.

Once data is collected, you will be able to monitor the conversion breakdown across all of the segments you have added and personalized for.

The RightBar progress dashboard currently displays data from the previous 14 days of data, excluding the current day. RightMessage also caches the data and will refresh the data every 24 hours from the time RightBar was first published.

Hover over the data to display how many visitors in a segment have seen the RightBar and clicked on the CTA.

At this time it is not possible to assign additional goals created in the 'Goal' area of your RightMessage admin, to RightBar or RightAsk.

I'm not seeing any RightBar data in my 'Dashboard' area

If you have RightBar published, and have disabled all of your segments, you will see the below message in your RightBar 'Dashboard' area.

In order for data to show in your RightMessage 'Dashboard' area, you will need to have at least one RightBar version active in the 'Customize' area.

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